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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Bridgewood Primary School and Integrated Child and Family Centre. At Bridgewood, we are dedicated to fostering a high-performing, inclusive educational environment that is deeply connected to our community.

Designed as a community hub, Bridgewood offers a wide range of services to support children from birth through to Year 6. In addition to our primary school catering from Foundation to Year 6, our facilities include consulting rooms with maternal and child health nurses and Monash Health and three and four year old kindergarten, supported and community playgroups and a variety of allied health services for families. 

Bridgewood is a place where families can connect with each other, the educators and services.  Families and staff can work together to fulfil our school vision of ‘Improving the outcomes for every child every day!’

Built in 2017 and opened in 2018, Bridgewood boasts three permanent buildings. Building A houses the reception area, early years services, and the Foundation Learning Community. Building B contains three Learning Communities and our specialist STEM and Art classes. Building C includes a stadium with a competition-sized netball/ basketball court, a music room, a café for students, staff, and community members, and our out-of-hours care program, which operates from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM. We also offer gap care for kindergarten students on early dismissal days to support working families.

At Bridgewood, our educational focus is on ensuring students gain fundamental literacy and numeracy skills while supporting their social and emotional well-being. Our staff collaborates to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of each student. The open and flexible learning spaces allow for adaptable working groups, and staff collectively plan a curriculum that caters to their cohort’s needs. English and Mathematics are emphasised and taught daily, with inquiry units highlighted at the end of each term.

Student well-being is paramount at Bridgewood. We understand that students learn best in a safe and orderly environment. We provide access to various allied health services, including psychology, counselling, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Family and student counselling are available as needed.

Our dedicated staff at Bridgewood ensures that our learning programs are of the highest quality. Teaching and learning programs are regularly evaluated and adjusted to meet every student’s needs. Individual education plans are created for students with additional needs, Koori students, and those in out-of-home care. Personalised student learning goals are established based on individual needs.

This website provides links to all relevant policies and documents for the community, as well as information about the early years services available on-site. For more information, please contact our reception at 8766 9400.

Kerry Coffey