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Foundation Transition

2021 Transition

Bridgewood would like to invite you all to our very specialist 2021 Transition Sessions. This year has been a year like no other and the challenges will continue through to our transitions on-site at school at this stage.

Transition Website – https://sites.google.com/education.vic.gov.au/bridgewood-transition-website/home
To make the remote transitions easier for parents we have created a Transition Website that will house all of the necessary information for parents to get a better understanding of the learning programs and the Bridgewood site.
Contained in this website will be:
Mentor introduction videos
Learning community Foundation (LCF) tours of the learning spaces
Parent information powerpoints
School readiness activities that can be undertaken prior to the new school year beginning
Content will be added on a weekly basis, beginning in Term 4.

The transition sessions will consist of two parts:
Parent information sessions
Student activity sessions.
At this point we are awaiting further advice from the Department of Education and Training about whether students can attend on site transitions. At this stage the planning is for remote sessions and student introductions however that may change during term 4 as the restrictions ease.

A Google Meet link is provided below for the first parent information session on the 7th October. The following Google Meet links will be sent via email prior to the sessions.

Wednesday 7th October 1:45pm
Parent Information Session with LC1 Mentors and School Leadership
Once you have clicked on the link you must wait to be accepted onto the Meet.

Wednesday 14th October 1:45pm
Transition session- Meet the Mentors

Wednesday 21st October 1:45pm
Transition session- Meet the Mentors

Friday 13th November 1:45pm
Transition session- Specialist sessions with two specialist teachers

Wednesday 18th November 1:45pm
Parent Information and Q&A Session with School Leadership

Friday 20th November 1:45pm
Transition session- Specialist sessions with two specialist teachers

Tuesday 8th December 1:45 pm
Bridgewood Orientation Day TBA

If you have any further questions surrounding this year’s transition, please email Maddison.Holden@education.vic.gov.au (Foundation Learning Community Administrator) or rebecca.lewis2@education.vic.gov.au ( Early Year’s Champion)